Here is what will be covered in
the AIM certificate programme over a three year period.

New Testament Survey

Intro to the world of the New Testament, from the historical and geographical background to the culture of the first century to the formation of the New Testament itself.

New Testament Interpretation

Interpreting what a N.T. passage meant to those to whom it was written, and making a proper application to our situation today.


The study of Christian doctrines.

Church History

As one wise person put it, "Those who ignore the lessons of history are bound to repeat them." There is so much to learn from two millennia of church history! The course introduces students to the early church, various heretical groups, the medieval church, the origins of Protestantism, the Restoration Movement, and the Discipling Movement. We focus on pivotal events, key dates, and lessons to be learnt.

Old Testament Survey

Intro to the world of the Old Testament, from the historical and geographical background to the formation of the Old Testament itself.

Old Testament Interpretation

This course has the potential to radically change how you read and interact with God's word.Units on interpretation of: Narratives, Law, Psalms, Prophets, Wisdom Literature, and more. 


A journey on how to preach and write sermons that have a powerful impact and deeply resonate spiritually.

Biblical Counselling

Learn the ABCs of pastoral counseling: when to advise and when to refer, working with professionals when necessary. Learn about Family Systems and other invaluable approaches.


Intro to Apologetics and Christian Evidences, from the Creation/Evolution debate to Archaeology to Theodicy (the problem of suffering) and much more!

World Views

The world is made up of many faiths and beliefs, this course introduces you to some of the main ones, including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and more. 

Spiritual Life

The Bible places far more emphasis on who we are inside than on how we behave or appear to others. The course covers character, sexual issues, financial responsibility (guest speaker), and so much more.

Family Life

According to 1 Timothy 3, how we build our own family is how we tend to build the church family. This course covers everything the Bible teaches about parenting, marriage, and family. 

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