Instructors: Douglas Jacoby,  Dr. Andy Boakye, Malcolm Cox

New Testament Survey: Certificate

Bible study with an emphasis on careful teaching (2 Timothy 2:15), this constitutes nearly 40% of the AIM programme. This survey course introduces the student to the world of the New Testament, from the historical and geographical background to the culture of the first century to the formation of the New Testament itself. 
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What's included?

  • 7 Units
  • 1 Credit towards certificate
  • 3 Teachers
  •  Videos
  • 1 in-person session/live streaming on 19th March, from 8:30am-1pm  in Reading, UK

Units covered

Life of Christ, Synoptic Gospels, John, Acts, the Letters of Paul, the General Epistles, Revelation, New Testament Manuscripts and N.T. chronology. 

Personal growth

In addition to studying a conservative N.T. textbook, the student will read the entire N.T. and will also learn how to deploy 100 useful N.T. passages. 
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